The 5 Best Steakhouses in Quezon City

Steak is one of our most favorite dish whenever we want to have a heavy meal after a tiring day at work or if we want to celebrate something like promotions, anniversaries, etc. This is the reason why steakhouses have been one of the most popular places to visit for hungry people who want to fill their mouths with local or international inspired steaks.

Quezon City is where you can find a large number of steakhouses, which already explains how much love Filipinos have for meaty, greasy, and delicious steaks. So we have decided to make a list of the best steakhouses in QC, to help you find the best steak dishes in the area.

Today, we present to you the five best steakhouses in Quezon City! If you’re a carnivore, you’ll surely fall in love with these places and their dishes. Just a reminder though, eat in moderation. We don’t want you getting health complications, just a satisfied tummy and a great after-dining feeling.

Get your cars keys and wallets ready. Invite your family and friends if you like too, because you might want to check one of them out after reading this list.


5. Red Baron’s Ribs and Steaks


Location: 143 D Tuazon Street, Quezon City

Contact #: 354-5970


Red Baron is a restaurant that serves, high quality steak at an affordable price. They have been drawing a lot of attention because of their signature dishes, The Herb Crusted Heavy Porter House, a medium sized steak dish that gives you delight in every bite. One of their bestsellers, The Surf n Turf is a combination of ½ inch steak and shrimp, with rice and a serving of dried peanuts. They may not be a familiar place to you, but we strongly suggest that you pay Red Baron a visit.